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Renata Azambuja Doutora em Teoria e História da Arte pelo Instituto de Arte da Universidade de Brasília LINK Interseções. Galeria Athos Bulcão, Brasília, 2015. Exposição Coletiva com a participação de: Dalton Paula                                                                      Dan Pelegrin                                                                      Iris Helena                                                                      Ricardo Theodoro                                                                      Santhiago Selon                                                                      Thais Galbiati Fotos e textos da mostra. Foto - Julia Mass Na mostra Interseções Dan Pelegrin "explorou as correlações entre tradição e modernidade, com interferências minimalistas em objetos de madeira que encontrou pela cidade. Retratou também as janelas das casas de Olhos d’Água, realizando, a partir daí, imagens modificadas em três tempos, que resultaram em impressões e

Digital Art

I am part of a generation that experienced the emergence of video games (arcade) as a child, that experimented with both the analog camera and the popularization of the digital camera, that went from tiping datylography to computer typing, that learned how to operate a computer with MS-DOS and later learned Windows, that did the final paper of the graduation course, in 1998, on   Cyberlaw  etc. In this path, of cyber life, I started to make my first artistic works using an IBM PC in 1996, but it was in the early 2000s that I produced my first exhibitions mixing technology and artistic ancestry. I made some installations with objects and people on the scanner and the scans unfolded into prints, projections, etc. I used the first versions of Adobe Photoshop software, especially version 4.0, to do the treatment and small interferences on the images. These versions of Photoshop contained plug-ins or artistic filters that allowed me to put in some works floating drops, textures and braids.

Hidden in the Way - Aisthesis of Pareidolia

Pamela Merrill Brekka, PhD University of South Florida, Tampa. Hidden in the Way - Aisthesis of Pareidolia, 2022   [1] Dan Pelegrin is no ordinary story teller. Neither is he just a maker, fluent in a range of media. Dan Pelegrin is a wizard. He is able to conjure from thin air miraculous creatures and fantastic beasts. Like medieval icons, considered divine ‘unmade’ objects, Pelegrin’s images simultaneously negate—and then highlight—their mediated nature. Hidden, in the Way, is the story of this complicated, magical paradox. Pelegrin spent his youth in   Marialva , Brazil, conjuring machines, humanoids and dragons. His current work, such as Rocks, 2015,  Dry Leaf Dragon , 2012,  Clothes Rack , 2020, e  Landscape with Rabbit , 2018, reflects his early formation. It is a catalogue that presents deeply meditative responses to both nature and the supernatural, as well as human intervention in the natural world. By definition art is the opposite of nature. Art is contrived, mediated, manip